Student Sticker Competition winners!

Excitement and anticipation brewed within MSU Denver’s College of Business as students waited to see who the winners were for the 2023-24 sticker competition, proudly sponsored by local business and supporter StickerGiant. This collaboration wasn’t just about stickers; it ignited creativity and entrepreneurship right on campus.

StickerGiant’s commitment to nurturing talent aligns seamlessly with the college’s mission to empower the next generation of business leaders. As students dive into designing stickers based on brand guidelines, they’re not just showcasing their artistic flair; they’re honing their marketing skills in a real-world setting.

The competition is simple yet impactful: students create designs, and their peers within the College of Business cast their votes for their favorites. It’s a celebration of innovation and collaboration right within our own community.

StickerGiant echoes this sentiment, expressing their enthusiasm for supporting the college’s endeavors.

“StickerGiant is proud to support MSU Denver College of Business’s student-led sticker competition. We believe in nurturing creativity and innovation, and we’re excited to play a part in empowering young designers to showcase their talent and imagination. Collaborating with MSU Denver aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire and support the next generation of artists and entrepreneurs.”

It wasn’t just about the stickers; it was about the journey of growth and discovery for these budding entrepreneurs. MSU Denver’s College of Business and StickerGiant had embarked on this collaborative adventure, shaping the future of business one sticker at a time.