This week we wrapped up the first half of our MPAcc March Madness virtual series on Tuesday, March 12th with our Accounting Student Spotlight, featuring Albert Guerrero.  

Albert is a fantastic example of how our MSU Denver Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAcc) program can be a vehicle to transition careers to the accounting profession. After studying humanities at Colgate University, Albert worked in the public and non-profit sectors. Over the years, he enjoyed his time working with and seeing what accounting professionals do, and thought it would be a great career change. He specifically was looking for a public university that had support services and ties to the community to enable this daunting career transition.  

Meet the Firms SP24He applied and was admitted to our MSU Denver MPAcc program for the Fall 2023 term. Albert began graduate classes mid-August, went to the Meet the Firms networking event early September, and started an audit internship with Taylor, Roth and Company 3 weeks later. Quite the impressive feat! 

“MSU Denver is so embedded in such a good way with the business community. It’s just so easy to seek out an internship.” – Albert Guerrero, current MPAcc student

Since our MPAcc program is open to all undergraduate degrees, we have 2 graduate-level pre-requisite courses that may be assigned at the time of admission. If 1 to 2 of these pre-requisite courses are assigned, they are taken early on, with the ability to take certain degree required courses at the same time to not further delay beginning the program and getting connected to peers who do have an accounting or business education background. Our current MPAcc curriculum and graduate-level pre-requisite information can be seen here.

MPAcc Orientation 8-15-2023

“It’s been really good and easy to build your network. At MSU Denver, there’s a nice community and everyone in the program is really interested in accounting.“ – Albert Guerrero, current MPAcc student

Thank you Albert for sharing your story and insights. Now onto the second half of our month-long MPAcc March Madness series next week!