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Incubator Program in Social Documentary and Modern Language

Program Description

The departments of Modern Language and Journalism and Media Production are pleased to offer an incubator program for an extended major in Social Documentary and Modern Language (each student will select a language to be named in their title). 

The field of social documentary is a rapidly expanding one. At present, Colorado is home to more than 40 Film Festivals. In North America, there are more than 190 international film festivals, the vast majority of which include documentary as a category. In the commercial U.S. television industry, 17 television/cable networks are classified as documentary channels including the History Channel, National Geo and the Smithsonian Channel. This list does not include HBO, Showtime, ESPN or PBS, all of which feature documentary films, including programs in Spanish. 

The figures above do not include documentary film festivals that take place in countries outside of North America. Television networks, such as Discovery, have channels in many other countries throughout the world that feature foreign language documentaries.  Additionally, many countries have both state-sponsored and private television networks that offer documentary programming in languages other than English. These markets provide more potential for students and graduates to produce and sell social documentaries that target different cultures and languages.

Download Social Media and Modern Languages Incubator

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