Funding for English/Spanish Translation and Interpreting

Requesting Translation/Interpreting Services

Providers of translation/interpreting services must be qualified as “approved vendors.” State-approved vendors can be used for larger projects without any additional steps. Preferred vendors taking on larger projects must be approved by AHEC through a bidding process. 

State approved vendors of translation/interpreting services can be found here, under Translation Services.

MSU Denver Preferred Vendor (AHEC-approved): CESCO Linguistic Services 

Eligibility for Funding

  1. The project must be for the English/Spanish language pairing.
  2. The project must be in alignment with the Hispanic-serving mission of the institution.
  3. The project must not exceed $6,000 (six thousand dollars).

Managing Translation & Interpreting Requests

For outward-facing materials or events, opt for professional services. 

For in-office use only, you can employ an in-house language assistant, preferably trained. 

It is a good idea to have a point person to coordinate translation/interpreting requests at the office.  

Suggested process flow: 

  1. Identify your project  
    1. Dates/time/location/type of event for interpreting
    2. Text and links for written translation 
  2. Identify a point person 
  3. The point person contacts the service provider for a quote and is the main contact for the project 
  4. The point person applies for funding and coordinates the receiving of services 

Quick Reference



MSU Denver preferred vendor only  Eligible for grant  
Printed publicity, reusable (brochures, pamphlets, information flyers, etc.) – anything to be included in an information packet representing the department/college/university  MSU Denver preferred vendor: recommended  Eligible for grant 


Instructional materials 


MSU Denver preferred vendor only  Eligible for grant 
Printed publicity, event (one-time use flyers, brochures, etc.) – any outward-facing materials  MSU Denver preferred vendor  

State-approved vendor  

Self-selected professional provider 



Can be eligible for grant  

Internal materials (in-house use only)  MSU Denver preferred vendor  

State-approved vendor 

Self-selected professional provider 

In-house language assistant