Professionalization of Translation and Interpreting Services at MSU Denver

Are professional services worth it?

“Why should we use a professional translator when we can just ask X from IT who is a native [insert language] speaker to translate for us?” 

Versions of this question abound. It is important to remember that while all good translators/interpreters are at least bilingual, not all bilingual individuals are good translators/interpreters. Most literate people can write; some even can write well. Not all can produce high-impact marketing materials. That is why companies hire professionals. The same applies to trained linguists who best understand language nuance, context, technical specificities, and cultural appropriateness.   

When publishing outward-facing materials or organizing important events, institutions must be mindful of the image they are projecting. Quality translation and interpreting speak of polish, professionalism, and a commitment to high standards. Reputations are built and lost based on the way a company or institution present themselves. Any time there is content that is highly technical in nature, has legal implications or must be presented in a way that would appeal to a diverse, multilingual audience, it is best to choose professional translation services. 


After a successful pilot in Spring 2022, MSU Denver is moving forward with using the services of a professional translation and interpreting agency, CESCO Linguistic Services. CESCO is specifically dedicated to being an industry partner to the University. In addition to producing translations and providing live interpreting services, the agency is also committed to building C2 pathways through internships and supporting further education for bilingual staff.