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Mauricio Saravia Literary Journal and Competition



Monday  Feb. 28, 2018    Mauricio Saravia Literary Journal and Competition

(Submitted electronically to  


The Mauricio Saravia Literary Journal and Competition provides an opportunity for all Individual students to publish their creative writing and original artwork in a university level publication. Each individual student may submit up to 3 pieces each from the following categories: Poetry, Essay, Fiction, or Graphic Art. Each person who submits an entry to any category will be eligible to participate in the competition for that category. (Students must designate only one  piece in any particular category they want to be judged). Each student is also  allowed to submit original artwork created by them that reflects the theme of culture, heritage. and oral traditions.

There will be 3 winners in each category. The first, second and third place winners in each category will receive a trophy. In addition, first place winners for each category will receive a $50 gift certificate, and a trophy for their school. They will be judged in one of the following categories.

Poetry 30 lines or less

Essay 500 words or less

Fiction 500 words or less

Graphic Art:  Photograph, drawing, sketch, painting,( no bigger than 8in by 10 in)  


Please note that each school is going to be given the opportunity to host their own poetry slam. We will grant each JTOH Team a small stipend to be used for decorations, prizes, food, etc. if they decide to hold a slam at their home school.

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