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Checklists & Worksheets

These checklists are now only for reference.  Relevant checklists will be available in Cayuse.

RP-401 CHECKLIST: Pre-Review

HRP-402 CHECKLIST: Non-Committee Review

HRP-410 CHECKLIST: Waiver or Alteration of Consent Process

HRP-411 CHECKLIST: Waiver of Written Documentation of Consent

HRP-412 CHECKLIST: Pregnant Women

HRP-415 CHECKLIST: Prisoners

HRP-416 CHECKLIST: Children

HRP-417 CHECKLIST: Adults who are Cognitively Impaired

HRP-418 CHECKLIST: Non-Significant Risk Device

HRP-419 CHECKLIST: Waiver of Consent Process for Emergency Research

HRP-430 CHECKLIST: Investigator Quality Improvement Assessment

HRP-441 CHECKLIST: HIPAA Waiver of Authorization


A reminder about HSPP Worksheets: Worksheets are meant to be used in the review processes to aid in making determinations on submissions. Worksheets are not documentation of a determination or of the review process (refer to Checklists).

HRP-301 WORKSHEET: Review Materials

HRP-302 WORKSHEET: Approval Intervals

HRP-303 WORKSHEET: Communication of Review Results

HRP-304 WORKSHEET: IRB Composition

HRP-305 WORKSHEET: Quorum and Expertise


HRP-307 WORKSHEET: Devices

HRP-308 WORKSHEET: Pre-Review

HRP-310 WORKSHEET: Human Research Determination

HRP-311 WORKSHEET: Engagement Determination

HRP-312 WORKSHEET: Exemption Determination

HRP-313 WORKSHEET: Expedited Review

HRP-314 WORKSHEET: Criteria for Approval

HRP-315 WORKSHEET: Advertisements

HRP-316 WORKSHEET: Payments

HRP-317 WORKSHEET: Short Form of Consent Documentation

HRP-318 WORKSHEET: Additional Federal Agency Criteria

HRP-320 WORKSHEET: Scientific or Scholarly Review

HRP-321 WORKSHEET: Review of Information Items

HRP-322 WORKSHEET: Emergency Use

HRP-323 WORKSHEET: Criteria for Approval HUD

HRP-324 WORKSHEET: Contracts

HRP-330 WORKSHEET: HIPAA Authorization


Human Research Protections Plan - Policies & Procedures

Human Research Protection Plan

HSPP Policies & Procedures


All Cayuse trainings & resources are available in the application.  Throughout the review process, help buttons are available to assist.  A reviewer checklist is also provided in the application.  Contact the HSPP with any questions.