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It’s no mystery why MSU Denver’s aviation program is recognized for its excellence.

Our students have access to unrivaled resources no other university in the state can offer: The most innovative flight simulation training laboratories in the world. An on-campus satellite engineering lab. Partnerships with the industry granting students access to the same advanced technology and software used at NASA.

All this, while being the most affordable program of its kind.

We’ve invested $40 million worth of technology so that our graduates will soar on their first day on the job. And the sky’s the limit from there.

When you start your possible at MSU Denver, you’re cleared for takeoff.

MSU Denver Precision Flight Team members at team practice.

From satellites orbiting Earth to wheels on the tarmac, we do flight right.

Home to the second-most aviation jobs in the nation, Colorado provides ample opportunities to take to the sky. As the industry continues to grow, MSU Denver’s Aviation and Aerospace Science Department has reimagined possibilities by evolving into one of the largest and most sophisticated programs of its kind in the country – all while remaining the most affordable.

Your education has lift here.

Our longstanding relationships with nearby aerospace contractors (including York Space Systems, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, Ball Aerospace, and Raytheon) and aeronautical companies (such as Jeppesen-Boeing, United Airlines, Envoy, Mesa Airlines, ExpressJet, Air Wisconsin, and Republic Airlines) translates into incredible internships top-flight job opportunities.

AVS faculty member instructs students utilizing flight simulation technology.

The lobby and hallway of the 7th Street Classroom building

Experience first-class education in our AAS Labs.

The state-of-the-art Aeronautics and Aerospace Systems Laboratories support all aspects of our academic and technology programs for applied mastery – including flight simulation training, advanced avionics functions, air traffic control operations, space satellite mission operations and systems engineering, aerospace physics, UAV/UAS, and aeronautics and aerospace data analysis.

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