Work Study

Work Study is an employment program that provides paid jobs for students who need to earn a portion of their educational expenses. Work-study funds come from the state and federal government depending on which award the student receives. Funding is limited and not guaranteed to all students. Students earning money through work study are subject to Financial Aid stipulations pertaining to credit hours and Satisfactory Academic Progress. There are three types of work-study awards:

  • Federal Work Study
  • Colorado Work Study
  • No Need Work Study

Student Hourly

Student Hourly positions are on-campus positions funded by a university department’s budget. Work-study and/or financial aid is not required for this type of employment. All hourly students must be enrolled in some credit-earning capacity during the semester in which you are employed. For more information, visit our Student Employment page.


How It Works

  1. In order for a student to be eligible for work-study the student must have completed a FAFSA or CASFA for the academic year.
  2. Student must be offered work study in their financial aid package.
  3. Students must find a job with an on-campus employer or a non-profit off-campus employer. Once offered the position, the student will complete the Work Study Request form (ex. WK23, WK24) with their supervisor (hiring manager) to confirm they have an eligible job for work study funds. Simultaneously the student will also complete all hiring documents and background check for the Office of Human Resources.
  4. The student/supervisor must turn in the Work Study Request form to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to have the award added to their financial aid package and confirm their employment for the Fall/Spring. There is a Work Study Request form specific for summer employment. All Work Study Request forms must be signed by their supervisor (hiring manager).
  5. The student must submit the appropriate employment paperwork to the Office of Human Resources before they start working to be placed in the system as an employee. A student cannot start working until they have been approved by Student Employment to begin. Once Human Resources has received all the necessary documentation, they will add the student to a queue in Workday for Financial Aid to confirm the correct award in Workday and confirm the student has funds to begin working.
  6. Those who complete a CASFA must also be listed as ASSET by admissions and have the appropriate I-9 documents to be eligible for Colorado Work Study or No-Need Work Study.
  7. If a student does not begin earning their award before the second payroll of the semester, their award will be cancelled, and the funds will be reallocated back to the work-study pool and redistributed if sufficient work-study funds remain.
  8. If a student begins to work before they are awarded work study funds, that payroll will be charged to the Employer’s Departmental fund.
  9. Summer work-study employment is considered separate from the regular academic year (Fall/Spring). Due to federal work-study regulations, the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships must verify the eligibility of each student employee. Based on the availability of work-study funds, students will be processed by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for summer work study on a first-come, first-served basis. During the Spring semester, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will send an email if Summer work-study is available.

Work-Study Award Earnings and Limits

The complete amount of a work-study award may be earned by a student, but the student is not entitled to or able to collect any portion of the award that remains unearned after the award year ends. It is the responsibility of the work-study student and supervisor to monitor the earnings of work-study student employees to ensure that the student does not earn more than their approved work-study award. We recommend that the work-study student employee and supervisor monitor total earnings using the amount earned before taxes, as opposed to the amount received after taxes. If a student earns more than their work-study award amount, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships will correct the overage by charging the supervisor’s department, terminating the student’s work-study position, and/or adjusting any resulting financial overages on the student’s account.

Financial Aid Package Changes and Reductions

If a student receiving a work-study award also receives other forms of financial aid (such as scholarships, grants, or loans), the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships must reduce the work-study award by the appropriate amount to ensure that the student does not receive more than the federal maximum grant in aid.

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