Job seekers have options in today’s tight labor market. Across nearly every industry, qualified candidates are likely to have an easier time finding an open position now than five years ago, and companies are more motivated than ever to fill crucial openings.

This is true nationwide, and it’s especially relevant here in Colorado. 

Across nearly every industry and discipline, you’ll find in-state openings. Whether you’re a lifelong Coloradan or you’re considering a move here for school or work, we believe you’ll find that working in Colorado just makes sense. 


What Are the Benefits of Working in Colorado?

MSU Denver Earth and Atmospheric Science students hiking through the snow.Everywhere you look, you’ll find “Now Hiring” signs. Getting a low-competition entry-level job is incredibly easy right now, and there are higher-paying openings too; meaning less competition for each one. Still, finding that perfect fit — a job with great pay, great culture, and involving work you enjoy — can be a challenge.

It’s easier in Colorado than in many parts of the U.S. though. Here are five reasons why. 


  1. Variety of Job Opportunities

Colorado is a rich and varied landscape, with multiple climates and elevations and world-class natural beauty and tourism. The job landscape is just as varied. Denver serves as a regional hub, so you’ll find jobs in nearly every imaginable industry within the greater metro area. With varied natural resources, Colorado is home to numerous mining and other heavy industrial operations. 

The state is also seen as a regional tech hub — not on the level of the Bay Area or Austin, but still quite competitive. 

If you’re worried about the ongoing effects of the pandemic and economic downturn,  the 2022 Colorado Business Economic Outlook projected that the state would make a full employment recovery. 

Job seekers in practically any field and at every level of experience or education will find numerous job openings in nearly every corner of the state. Those looking for professional careers will find numerous business owners undergoing growth searching a competitive market for talent. 


  1. Strong Focus on Work-Life Balance

Getting a good job is a high priority for most people. More and more, however, professionals are recognizing that work isn’t everything. Whether family, leisure pursuits, or other forms of community, people need a life outside of work.

Colorado has a culture that lends toward a stronger focus on work-life balance than you’ll find in some locations. With beauty outside every window and outdoor activities at every turn, no one wants to spend countless hours tied to their laptop.

Working in Colorado, you’ll be immersed in a culture that prioritizes work-life balance, along with a love of the outdoors. 


  1. Affordable Cost of Living

We’re in a period marked by very high real estate prices all over the country. The good news is that Colorado remains significantly more affordable than nearly all the big coastal cities, with some cities (including Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Grand Junction, and Pueblo) are near or even below the national average by some metrics.  

The average salary in Colorado is higher than the national average as well, which helps to offset the cost of living. The 2020 median household income was $75,000, which points to the earnings potential for growth minded professionals.

With higher median income and lower cost of living than other U.S. cities of similar size and economy, Colorado remains a competitive place to live and work. 


  1. Innovative Business Climate

Colorado isn’t merely job-friendly, it’s business-friendly too. Tech startups and other startups are common throughout the state, with concentrations in the larger cities. Any startup-friendly city ends up building informal and formal networks that create an add-on effect, attracting more startups which then fuel more growth and attract even more new business and ideas.

Denver Business Journal calls Colorado “one of the best states in the country to start or expand a business.” With numerous strong institutions of higher education – including research universities forging new paths in biosciences and more – Colorado is both a strong business climate and an incubator for new talent through education. 


  1. Strong Economy

Colorado’s economy is quite strong, with an unemployment rate consistently lower than the national average. As of May 2022, the statewide unemployment rate was a staggeringly low 3.5 percent, a tick lower than the national average. 

The strength of the economy goes beyond mere employment. Colorado boasts a wide range of industries, including many full of high-paying jobs, like research institutions, healthcare, finance, and telecommunications. 

Denver is the state’s major economic hub, but the economy remains strong through smaller and midsized cities across the state. Tourism reliably contributes to the state’s healthy economy, with more than 17 million people visiting the greater Denver area each year. Expanded statewide, 86.9 million visitors spent more than $24 billion within Colorado in 2019. 


How a College Degree Helps You Be More Marketable

Colorado has impressively high numbers of job openings, many of which are high-paying jobs in knowledge-heavy fields. One key to unlocking access to many desirable jobs in the state is the right college degree. 

With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in your desired field, you’ll communicate to business owners that you’re serious about your career growth — and you already have demonstrated knowledge within your field. 

So, consider your career goals — the kind of work you want to do, the salary range you hope to command, and so on. Then, do a little investigating into the typical requirements within that field. For many positions, a college degree is required for any candidate to be considered at all. Even where that isn’t the case, the right degree from a respected institution could be the difference maker, the element that sets you apart from other applicants. 

MSU Denver equips students for successful careers, post-graduate education, and lifelong learning in a multicultural, global, and technological society. We’ve been awarded as Most Innovative University and a Top College for Diversity – among other accolades – and you’ll find a wide range of more than 90 majors and minors as well as 10 graduate degree programs. 

Is a college degree the key to unlocking the Colorado future you’ve been seeking? Reach out today to speak with an admissions staff member at MSU Denver and start the next phase of your education journey.