Metropolitan State University of Denver launched the new Changemakers Wanted brand platform at the fall Welcome Back event Aug. 31. Changemakers Wanted is an updated phrase to use when talking about the University’s spirit, purpose and values 

All departments and programs should phase out all:

  • flyers
  • templates
  • PowerPoints
  • website copies

that use the previous brand platform, Reimagine Possible.

Updated Changemakers Wanted language can be found in the user guide, and new Changemakers Wanted lockups (the final form of a logo with all elements locked in position) can be found in the Marketing Toolkit.  

As a refresher, the Marketing Toolkit also has links for the MSU Denver photo gallery in Photoshelter, department and program logos and more.  

If you have any questions or need to request something specific for your department or program to showcase Changemakers Wanted, please fill out the University Communications and Marketing Service Request Form.