Metropolitan State University of Denver is among the nation’s top Fulbright Scholar-producing institutions in 2022-23. The University is one of only six master’s-degree-granting institutions in the country to produce three or more Fulbright scholars, the Chronicle for Higher Education published in its Top Producers of Fulbright Scholars list.

President Davidson headshot.

“MSU Denver faculty members are among the nation’s top academics and thought leaders,” said President Janine Davidson, Ph.D. “They are dedicated not only to the pursuit of knowledge but to the sharing and exchange of knowledge, which is foundational to our mission and our student experience. I am very proud to see MSU Denver on this distinguished list, and I applaud all our current, past and hopefully future Fulbright recipients.”

Mick Jackowski, Ed.D., professor of Marketing

Jackowski is teaching and conducting research at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. Additionally, Jackowski will learn how to integrate biometrics into virtual meetings through Haaga-Helia’s state-of-the-art sales laboratory. One objective of this project is to develop virtual sales activities between students from Haaga-Helia and MSU Denver’s Center for Professional Selling.    

Jackowski says the most rewarding aspect of his experience thus far has been getting to know his new colleagues and students, who hail from Finland and across the globe. He’s also absorbing cultural differences, enjoying fantastic coffee and bread and exploring his new surroundings.

Mick Jackowski

“Finnish students are more reserved than those in the U.S., which is forcing me to think of different ways of connecting with people who are more thoughtful than vocal,” he said. 

“I am already working out the specifics of how international sales students at Haaga-Helia will collaborate in a course with MSU Denver sales students,” he continued. “Haaga-Helia will also become the first international university to compete in MSU Denver’s Rocky Mountain Madness national sales competition. Finally, the university has invited MSU Denver to compete in the European Sales Competition, which Haaga-Helia will host in 2024.” 

Stephanie Santos, Ph.D., assistant professor of Gender, Women’s and Sexualities Studies and an Asian Studies Committee member

Santos is a Fulbright Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Research scholar working with the Center for Science, Technology and Society at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.  

As a feminist theorist of transnational labor, Santos examines the movements of capital, labor and laboring bodies between Southeast Asia and the Global North. Her participatory and community-engaged research in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia centers the knowledge and analysis of Southeast Asian digital workers. 

Stephanie Santos

“You can think, for example, of how white women’s participation in the workforce in the Global North is enabled by the outsourcing of domestic work, elder care and child care to immigrant women of color,” she said. “During this Fulbright research period, I am learning more about digital technologies that enable the extraction of reproductive labor sans migration.” 

The experience is inspiring Santos to continue working on feminist pedagogical practices and syllabi that invite students to center the knowledge of marginalized people. 

“I believe teaching makes me a better scholar, and research in turn makes me a better teacher,” Santos added. 


Eric D. Olson, Ph.D., associate professor in the School of Hospitality

Olson is assisting VinUniversity College of Business and Management in Hanoi, Vietnam, in developing its hospitality-management program.  

Olson is collaborating with faculty members and students on marketing services and tourism research and engaging with tourism stakeholders regarding outreach opportunities. He will share his experiences by adding modules in MSU Denver international-tourism courses and creating exchange experiences between VinUniversity and MSU Denver.  

Eric Olson

“Hospitality, tourism and event programs are a small group of dedicated academics, and despite our cultural differences we often face similar challenges and triumphs,” Olson said. “We are always thinking about new and better ways to deliver hospitality curricula and experiences to ensure that our students are competitive in the job market, have rewarding careers in our field and make our countries a better place to live, work and play.” 

Olson hopes to cultivate collaborative class projects, research and international visits among the MSU Denver School of Hospitality, VinUniveristy and industry partners. He also hopes to share knowledge about the Fulbright program with interested MSU Denver faculty members. Check out Olson’s weekly blog to learn more.

Additionally, the MSU Denver Department of English is hosting Fulbright Scholar in Residence Kalpana Hulluru, Ph.D., of Pondicherry University in India. Hulluru began her journey at MSU Denver teaching British Literature and serving as a coordinator for the Pondicherry University Study India Program. Hulluru has the opportunity to lecture at various other universities in the U.S. and is teaching International Film and Gender Theory this semester.  

The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program offers teaching and research grants for college faculty members and administrators and other professionals. The international academic-exchange program was founded in 1946 to “increase mutual understanding and support friendly and peaceful relations between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.”