Creating a sustainable campus is the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program’s top priority. Sustainability can be done in a number of ways, whether it’s eliminating food waste, reusing supplies or learning how to be more energy-efficient.  

The ASCP is a student-driven committee that just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and its mission involves reducing the campus’ ecological impact and dependence on fossil fuels. Some of its campus projects include the three-bin composting, recycling and landfill stations; bike shelters and fix-it stations; solar power and LED-lighting upgrades; water-bottle-filling stations and Water Action Plan in collaboration with the One World One Water Center; and more. All projects and programs can be found here. 

Although it’s a student-driven committee, there are several ways for faculty and staff members to get involved:  

For more information on how faculty and staff members can get involved, submit questions here.