Key takeaways

  • Workday’s Inbox tool has been redesigned and renamed My Tasks.   
  • My Tasks will be available in Workday on June 15.  
  • Workday users, especially those with many tasks to manage, will greatly benefit from new sorting and searching capabilities. 

WorkdayWorkday recently reimagined how the Inbox could better help employees manage their tasks. The result of its research-and-development efforts led to a completely redesigned Inbox, now called My Tasks, which has many powerful new features that simplify all levels of task management. 

My Tasks will be available in Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Workday system on June 15,  replacing the current Workday Inbox. The icon placement remains the same, in the upper-right corner of the Workday window. 



Why the need for a reimagined Workday Inbox? 

  • High-volume Workday users who manage many tasks and wear multiple hats (professional, manager, employee) need flexible tools to help them manage their tasks and delegations. 
  • The current Workday Inbox offers only limited filter and sort options. 
  • It often requires too much time to find and complete tasks using the Inbox. 

What does My Tasks do? 

My Tasks will allow employees to filter, organize and manage their tasks and delegations in one location. The collapsible navigation panel has traditional inbox features such as custom filtering and sorting functionality and offers users the ability to customize their task-description preview to be simple or detailed.  

With powerful new search capabilities, My Tasks also helps employees quickly and easily find specific tasks. The Advanced Search feature supports searching for tasks using various parameters, including task type, task step and date range. The best part is that advanced searches can be saved using the new Saved Searches feature, making it easy to organize and find specific subsets of tasks and reuse searches.  

Want to learn more about My Tasks? 

Learn more by reviewing the Employee_Navigation_My Tasks_Job Aid.pdf in the Workday Transformation Team (navigation path: Job Aids and Related Demos > Getting Started) and then start using all the new features for a streamlined Workday experience.