The Auraria Higher Education Center’s Auraria Secure Campus Initiative entered Phase III on Monday, and as a result, most exterior building doors on the Auraria Campus are now accessible only with a campus ID badge.

Students and employees who have a valid campus ID badge but who are having trouble accessing buildings should do the following:

  1. Go to any exteriordoor card reader.  
  2. Call AHEC Access Control at 303-556-4296 Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.4 p.m.   
  3. When prompted by an Access Control representative, scan your campus ID badge on the exteriordoor card reader.

Access Control will then activate the campus ID badge, which should allow entry within approximately two minutes. 

To check whether a campus ID badge is “active,” employees and students can swipe their badge on a card reader at any of these secured buildings:

  • Administration 
  • Boulder Creek 
  • Central Classroom  
  • Cherry Creek 
  • PE/Events  
  • Plaza Building 
  • West Classroom  
  • 7th Street Classroom 
  • Modular Buildings  

If the small light on the reader turns green, then the campus ID badge is active. If the small light does not turn green, then the badge is not active. 

You must be near an exterior-door card reader to activate your campus ID badge when calling Access Control during business hours. The office will be unable to assist with activation if you are not in close proximity to a card reader.