MSU Denver’s holiday calendar reflects the State of Colorado’s holiday calendar. However, as state rules allow agencies to adopt an alternate holiday schedule as needed, MSU Denver subscribes to a schedule that exceeds the state’s identified number of holidays and incorporates observed dates. For example, while many organizations observed Presidents Day on Monday, Feb. 20, MSU Denver will apply that day off to Dec. 26 as part of an extended winter break.  

Why does MSU Denver reallocate holidays?

The alternate holidays are strategically selected in service to the Universitys academic mission and to maximize employees’ time to observe the myriad fall and winter holidays.  

How are the holiday reallocations determined?

The Human Resources team works with the Office of Academic Affairs to reallocate holidays that fall during the semester to ensure that academic classes meet their required contact hours and to minimize academic disruptions.  

What holidays are reallocated?

MSU Denver has traditionally observed the following holidays on alternate dates:  

  • Presidents Day (observed Dec. 26, 2023) 
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day (observed Dec. 27, 2023) 
  • Veterans Day (observed Dec. 28, 2023) 

This year, the University will also recognize the state’s July 3 holiday designation on Nov. 22 to extend employees’ Fall Break, and President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., has designated Dec. 29, 2023, as a special University holiday.  

How can employees learn more? 

For questions about the MSU Denver alternate holiday schedule, please contact  [email protected].