Woman painting a community mural at a CVA event.


CVA's press room includes press releases and images of exhibitions.


We are happy to provide additional images, arrange interviews and accomodate the needs of the media. Please contact Heather Link-Bergman, CVA Communications Manager at hlink@msudenver.edu or 720-961-8547.



Press Releases:


Center for Visual Art Presents Collectivism

web banner reading: Collectivism August 1 - October 19

Collectivism, opening August 1 at the Center for Visual Art, MSU Denver invites viewers to explore how working in collectives provides artists an outlet for expression that is different from their individual practice, in particular in areas of activism and humor, and additionally in how those modes of practice overlap.



Center for Visual Art’s Gravity of Perception celebrates photography as a powerful tool for reflection

Image of Gravity of Perception work in the CVA gallery.

In conjunction with Denver’s Month of Photography, Gravity of Perception brings together artists who work with archives, both historic and newly created, to shed light on the past, reflect on our present, inspire hope for the future.


Center for Visual Art presents sugar bound: Suchitra Mattai


How does one define home and what does it mean to belong? Viewers are invited to consider these questions and explore how environments shape personal narratives, family histories and constructions of the self in sugar bound.