As the Spring ’24 term is soon coming to a close, we are in the midst of a celebratory season. Last week we got to honor our departmental outstanding student award recipients at the College of Business Outstanding Student Awards event. Our faculty selected graduates from the 2023 – 2024 academic year, 2 from our undergraduate Accounting program and 2 from our Master’s of Professional Accountancy program. What a lovely night it was to celebrate with 3 of our award recipients and their family and friends!

CBUS OSA 2023-2024 ACC collage

Accounting recipients:

Virginia Christensen

CBUS OSA 2023-2024 UG student - Sheri & Virginia on stage


“Virginia has been a hardworking, engaging student.  She has earned a 4.0 GPA while working full-time and raising her children.  She was the “teacher teaching the teacher” in class.  Always starting a discussion when challenging me to look at the problem with a different perspective.  She is now looking to change her career track from IT to accounting, and we know she will continue to be successful. Congratulations Virginia!” – Sheri Betzer, Senior Lecturer

Kevin Roman Pizarro

CBUS OSA 2023-2024 UG student - Sheri & Kevin on stage

“Kevin has been such a pleasure to know and work with. In addition to finishing his degree with a high GPA, he has been part of the supplemental instruction program for 3 years.  He has been the SI Leader in my classes for 2 1/2 years.  He has a great connection with other students.  So much so, he has also been active in the Accounting Student Organization (ASO) for the past 2 years.  Although he is excited to reach graduation, he has recently been accepted into the MPAcc program, and is starting this summer. Congratulations Kevin!” – Sheri Betzer, Senior Lecturer

Master of Professional Accounting recipients:

Emily Pierce

CBUS OSA 2023-2024 GR student - Greg & Emily on stage

“We are all so proud of Emily!  After serving as ASO President, she will be one of the first students to ever receive the combined master’s and undergraduate degrees in accounting while simultaneously earning the graduate certificate in Risk Assurance & Advisory.  We know that she will excel in her new role as an associate with BDO in Boston. Congratulations Emily!”  – Dr. Greg Clifton, Accounting Department Chair

Hernan Dominguez-Rivas

CBUS Outstanding Student Awards 2023-2024 program

“Hernan breezed through the master’s program earning a 3.97 GPA all while completing two internships at top accounting firms in Denver.  We are all so proud to have him represent MSU Denver as an audit associate with Armanino.  We fully expect that he will continue that success in professional practice. Congratulations Hernan!” – Dr. Greg Clifton, Accounting Department Chair