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Communication Studies Faculty

Faculty member Dr. Katia Campbell

Katia Campbell, PhD

Department Chair - Professor

[email protected] 303-615-0250
Faculty member Dr. Devika Banerji

Devika Banerji, PhD

Assistant Professor

[email protected] 303-605-5943
Faculty member Dr. Sarah Chorley

Sarah, Chorley, PhD, C.C.S.P

Assistant Professor

[email protected] 303-605-7413
Faculty member Dr. Christina Foust

Christina Foust, PhD

Associate Professor

[email protected] 303-605-7412
Faculty member Dr. Bill Huddy

William (Bill) Huddy, PhD

Senior Lecturer

[email protected] 303-615-0595
Faculy member Dr. Brendan Hughes

Brendan Hughes, PhD


[email protected] 303-615-1472
Faculty member Dr. Eric James

Eric James, PhD

Associate Professor

[email protected] 303-615-0627
Dr. Sam Jay

Samuel Jay, PhD

Director of Faculty Affairs - Associate Professor

[email protected] 303-615-0631
Faculty member Dr. Brenden Kendall

Brenden Kendall, PhD

Associate Professor

[email protected] 303-615-0675
Faculty member Dr. Rich Kessel

Rich Kessel, PhD

Senior Lecturer

[email protected] 303-615-0681
Dr. Dan Lair

Dan Lair, PhD

Associate Director of Faculty and Student Affairs - Professor

[email protected] 303-605-5871
Faculty member Dr. Karen Lollar

Karen Lollar, PhD


[email protected] 303-615-0761
Faculty member Dr. John Rief

John Rief, PhD

Assistant Professor

[email protected] 303-605-7220

Communication Studies Staff

Office manager Jacque Kirby

Jacqueline Kirby, B.A.

Academic Department Coordinator

[email protected] 303-615-0691

Communication Studies

Central Classroom 120

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