FBLA and DECA Events With Local High School Students

Throughout the academic year, faculty members at MSU Denver College of Business generously devoted their time to judging events like FBLA and DECA. These competitions served as platforms for high school students to exhibit their marketing skills, networking abilities, project management skills, and business competencies.MSU Denver College of Business Faculty judge local FBLA and DECA competitions

Faculty members at the College of Business see the immense benefits of donating their time to these competitions. When asked why they dedicated themselves to these events, faculty members shared their stories emphasizing the importance of these events.

Professor János Füstös shared, “FBLA is a great opportunity for high schoolers to test their wings in the business world. They can use their imagination to come up with ideas, get some help and support to make it happen.”

MSU Denver CBUS faculty Austin Elsey at FBLA eventFinance and Banking Professor Austin Elsey commented on the impressive skills demonstrated by the students. “I recently judged the state competition for Introduction to Public Speaking. More people fear public speaking than actually dying, and yet these students were willing to compete in this realm and be judged while doing so. All the presentations were fantastic, and the ‘Introduction’ levels are limited to freshmen and sophomores. To see these students, conquer their fears before they may even be able to drive was truly inspiring.”

CBUS Faculty serving as judges at FBLA and DECA events with local high schoolers.

For Professor Debbie Gilliard, it was personal. “I belonged to FBLA in high school and very much enjoyed the competitions and participating in the club. I judged FBLA competitions a number of years ago as part of a Rotary Club. I loved having the opportunity to again judge FBLA competitions.”

High school students from different areas of the state are given the opportunity to present their business plans, marketing strategies, and innovative ideas, while some of our MSU faculty members listen, providing feedback and encouragement along the way.

Reflecting on the experience, Professor Gilliard remarked, “Competitions are always good for individuals to stretch themselves, especially in a somewhat stressful situation. The events will help students improve communication and public speaking skills, analyze situations and prepare responses in a short period of time – critical thinking skills, and build confidence.”

Faculty are excited about the incoming generation of students, as having this experience will be invaluable in both their academic and professional careers. Professor Elsey shared his thoughts about having these students in class one day, “It is great to see the future generations that will be coming to college in the next few years. Knowing so many students for MSU come from here locally in Colorado, I can’t wait to see familiar faces sitting in my future classes.”

For MSU Denver College of Business, the commitment to supporting the next generation of business leaders transcended the confines of the classroom. It served as a testament to the belief that by investing in others, we enrich our communities and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.