Q: What is MSU Denver’s current general fund budget?

A: MSU Denver’s general fund budget for the 2024 fiscal year amounts to $205,800,000 and will be utilized to fund the University’s 11 branches and campus-wide expenses.


Q: Who is involved in the budget creation process?

A: There are a multitude of branches, offices, groups, board members, staff members, faculty members, senior leaders and students who help create what is MSU Denver’s official budget. The University Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (UPBAC) is comprised of individuals from many different branches of the University, ensuring that a wide variety of voices are heard.


Q: Who makes the final decisions on the budget?

A: In late winter and spring, the UPBAC reviews budget proposals and prepares a budget recommendation for the President and senior leadership team. The President considers the UPBAC’s budget recommendations and presents her proposed budget to the Board of Trustees for final approval.