Student life at VinUni is guided by three principles: openness, sharing and respect, and a healthy lifestyle. To that end, there is a strong ecosystem of support for students that make up student life in order to create a strong sense of community and provide an incredible experiential experience in community life for students. Student life programs at VinUni are very similar to student life programs found at universities in the United States.

First-year students are required to live on campus for the first year in a residence hall that is a short walk from the academic building. Furthermore, there are active student-run clubs consisting of diverse societies and associations. I’ve had several conversations with numerous student leaders of the various student clubs and associations, and these are important for the student life experience. Clubs are actively present on campus, and many engage in various fundraising activities to support their programming and initiatives.

The wellness facilities at VinUni are among the best in the world. Students (and faculty) have access to an outdoor stadium with 1,100 seats and a FIFA standard football (soccer) field, a track, an outdoor basketball court, and a tennis court. The indoor sports complex consists of an Olympic-standard swimming pool, a gym, and two studios for yoga and strength training.  VinUni will also be hosting a Sports Day on March 25 for students, faculty, and staff and will include activities and competitions for sports, such as water polo, badminton, and tug of war, as well as e-sports and relays. These spaces are active, with numerous football games late in the evenings.

Stigma regarding mental health in Vietnam still remains high. A study by Pham et al., (2020) found about 12.5% of Vietnamese students experienced depression and/or anxiety in 2017. In several anecdotal conversations with various academic leaders, University students across Vietnam are leading efforts for mental health and wellness support and awareness in the country. However, VinUni supports students through a variety of counseling services and self-help workshops. VinUni also offers various workshops for faculty/staff to assist students in need.

In summary, student life at VinUni is vibrant, accessible, and complements academic coursework.