Review Process

Once a proposal attached to academic credit is submitted, it is reviewed by the Office of Curriculum, Academic Effectiveness and Policy Development  to ensure it meets the minimum requirements. If it does not, it is returned to the originator for updates. If it does meet the minimums and has the support of either the dean or an equivalent head of a unit, the badge moves forward to the University Badging Committee. 

If the proposal does not contain academic credit where all the competencies are assessed in noncredit courses through Innovative and Life-long Learning, then academic departments and/or University units can propose a micro-credential in association with the Office of Innovative and Lifelong Learning. Any changes to noncredit courses will follow the MSU Denver Noncredit Continuing Education Course Guidelines. Approved proposals will be presented to the University Badging Committee  as an information item. 

The committee will review proposals for inclusion of all necessary components, appropriate categorization (for example, micro-credential without academic credit), quality, consistency, potential duplication with existing micro-credentials and possible conflicts or impacts on other academic or University units. The committee will automatically reject proposals that are incomplete or duplicate existing micro-credentials. 


The Badging Committee will review proposals according to the following review schedule. Proposal submissions must be received in Curriculog by the last day of the calendar month.

Proposal Review Schedule

Proposals Submission Window in Curriculog
May – August
December – January
Proposals Reviewed by Badging Committee

2022-2023 Badging Committee Roster


Shaun Schafer, Office of Curriculum, Academic Effectiveness and Policy Development (Chair)

Karen Meyer, Office of Innovative and Lifelong Learning

Sam Jay, Office of Online Learning

Adrienne Martinez, Office of Student Affairs

Connie Sanders, Office of the Registrar

Brian Hutchinson, AHUM

Zsu Zsa Balogh, ASC

Laurel Lane, BUS

Marcia Walsh-Aziz, HEALTH

Robert Niemeyer, MASC

John Rief, SOSC


Erica Buckland Anderson, Office of Curriculum, Academic Effectiveness and Policy Development

Beverly Reimer, Office of Curriculum, Academic Effectiveness and Policy Development