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Friday, September 13

Prompt Engineering: Workshop 3 in the AI Empowerment in Higher Education Workshop Series

Welcome to AI for All, a dedicated resource designed specifically to help faculty and staff discover the practical and innovative uses of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you are just beginning to explore the possibilities of AI, or you have been integrating it into your work for some time, AI for All is tailored to make AI understandable and applicable for you.

Here you will find a variety of guides and resources on AI, all explained in terms that are accessible and understandable no matter your experience level. From the basics of machine learning to the practical uses of automation that can help reduce repetitive tasks, and even the creative possibilities of AI that can spark new ideas, AI for All has you covered.

AI for All is more than a collection of information; it is a community space for Roadrunners to share knowledge, experiences, and innovative AI-driven solutions. Whether you have developed a tool that streamlines administrative tasks, enhances teaching, or supports student learning, this resource is designed for sharing these creations with others who can benefit from them in their own roles.

With a focus on harnessing AI in ways that add value to our work, AI for All aims at developing and sharing AI-enabled tools that enhance administrative processes, augment instruction, and enrich learning. It represents a significant opportunity for our community to deeply engage with AI technology, contributing to a culture where innovation supports our daily work and academic endeavors.

Welcome to our collective exploration of AI, a journey thoughtfully designed with the wisdom and insights of our community in mind, ready to unfold the vast potential AI holds for MSU Denver.

PBS Nova’s “A.I. Revolution”