MSU Denver Digital Accessibility Update - Quarter 1, July 2024

Commitment to Inclusivity

MSU Denver is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone has equal access to information and resources. In alignment with CO HB21-1110 and CO HB24-1454, we provide the following updates to ensure compliance and enhance digital accessibility. This information will be updated quarterly as we continue to meet the standards set by the Office of Information Technology.

Digital Accessibility Initiatives

MSU Denver has launched several key initiatives to advance digital accessibility:

  • Digital Accessibility Task Force

    • A dedicated task force meets monthly to drive our digital accessibility efforts.
    • The task force will create an executive summary with actionable recommendations for senior leaders to implement within the current fiscal year.
    • Ensures compliance with HB24-1454 and monitors progress within the one-year grace period for HB21-1110.
    • Facilitates future audits of digital accessibility to provide practical recommendations for senior leadership.
  • Resource and Information Updates

    • Regularly updates digital accessibility resources and prominently displays this information on the MSU Denver website at
    • Ensures accessibility information is easily findable on all pages of the website through the footer.
  • Barrier Reporting Process

    • Establishes a clear process for reporting digital accessibility barriers.
    • Publishes an accessible form on the MSU Denver website for both internal and external audiences to report any digital accessibility issues.


We are committed to continually improving our digital accessibility to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for everyone.

Learn more about MSU Denver’s commitment to digital accessibility and the ongoing accessibility efforts of the Digital Accessibility Committee.