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Management: Making it Happen!

 Management Faculty 2014-15‌‎‎‎


Almost everyone has the opportunity to enter a management position, but Management majors and minors have the upper hand in obtaining these positions. In the Management program you will:

  • Gain an understanding of globalization, the strongest force for change in the world today.
  • Learn to manage the total enterprise.
  • Hone your interpersonal, critical thinking, analytical, conceptual, and communications skills.
  • Identify the methods necessary to tackle the challenges facing large and small institutions.
  • Understand the incredible role that entrepreneurial activity plays in the U.S. (About eighty percent of U.S. businesses are small companies!)
  • Discover your own entrepreneurial talents.

The Department of Management prepares students to pursue careers in human resource management, operations management, general management, or entrepreneurship. The curriculum provides students with the qualities and skills that every successful manager needs. A minor in Management prepares individuals for the important tasks of supervising others, working in teams, and taking on additional responsibilities in their field.

The next step on the corporate ladder is in the Management program at Metro!