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Jay Michael Jaramillo (2010-present)




My name is Jay Michael Jaramillo. I was born and raised in Colorado.

I have attended Metropolitan State College of Denver since Fall 2008, where I plan to graduate in 2012, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing along with a minor in Chicano Studies.
        As a Marketing Major, I have gained experience in my field of concentration while working for the Journey Through Our Heritage Program. It has enabled me to work with my peers and faculty of each of the Tri-Institutional Colleges at Auraria; including engaging in committee meetings, being the lead for MSCD for community events such as the Latino Leadership Summit and Rudolfo “Corky” Gonzales Symposium. In addition, I worked for MSCD’s Admissions Office where I assumed the role as an ambassador to the college.
        I am a mentor to students at Escuela Tlatelolco- a center for Chicano culture education and arts. I enjoy empowering young people to explore their heritage, to establish their identity and promote their self confidence in the process. I truly enjoy teaching curriculum that is not taught in the schools, reintroducing students to drawing/painting, and showing the students how to write essays/poetry like a college-bound student. Learn more about Escuela Tlatelolco: 
        I have been immersed in art my entire life; My father, Jerry Jaramillo, is an influential artist in the Denver and Latino Community and is one of the Co-Founders of Chicano Humanities & Arts Council (CHAC). Beginning at a young age, I worked for my father, which has given me valuable experience and knowledge of fine arts as a trade. I share the same passion for art as my father, which is why I have created and exhibited my own artwork at CHAC since 2003.
        I was paired with the nonprofit, Chicano Humanities and Arts Council (CHAC) which serves the Denver and Latino Community as a place where artists are provided with a venue to explore visual and performing arts. Further, serving the mission to promote and preserve the Chicano/Latino culture through the expression of the arts and education. Introduce yourself to Colorado’s culture:
        Many art exhibitions such as “El Día de los Muertos” and “Milagros del Corazon” where I donated my art to the gallery. In March 2011’s “New Beginnings” exhibit I premiered as a featured artist where I gained firsthand experience of how to curate, coordinate, facilitate and promote an art exhibition.
        Ultimately, I believe my calling in life is to advance the presence of my father's artwork, to solidify his legacy as a true Chicano movement artist. I truly feel my father and his comrades who founded CHAC deserve to have their names and their accomplishments documented in Chicano/Colorado history. See my vision, captured in MSCD’s article about me:
        My goal is to strive to the utmost of my ability in linking The Chicano Humanities & Arts Council with Journey Through Our Heritage, making the organizations synonymous with each other; as well as acclimating the students I mentor to the Auraria campus and preparing them to become to college scholars.

CHAC Gallery is located along the Santa Fe Art District.
772 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
CHAC's Executive Director - Crystal O'Brien
CHAC's business Phone: 303-571-0440

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