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What is the RIDES Program?

RIDES (Roadrunners Interested in Developing English Skills) is a program to help students at MSU Denver and people in the community develop their English language skills. While traditional writing center consultations focus on one piece of writing and look at things like thesis, organization, supporting points, etc., RIDES sessions will help students learn later order concerns (article use, punctuation, grammar, etc.) that they can use to help with writing and proofreading all future writing.

The RIDES program will pair each student with a writing center consultant trained specifically for this program. The pair will work together for at least 1-2 30-minute sessions each week. Together, they will identify areas of improvement, and work to develop English language skills by working on specific assignments for class, tutorials, and customized exercises.

Beyond the 30-minute sessions, RIDES students will also have access to specialized tools and unique opportunities. We will also offer the option to try to work with your instructors, if desired, to identify areas for development and receive feedback on improvement.

Students who complete the program will be eligible for prizes, awards and are invited to attend the RIDES party at the end of the semester.

Interested? You can find out more by calling us at (303) 615-1888, emailing us at [email protected], or dropping into any of our Writing Center locations.

Fall 2021 Hours

The RIDES program will be offering appointments to learn about the program and you can set up recurring appointments in conjunction with your consultant. You can schedule yourself for an in-take session by calling us at (303) 615-1888, emailing us at [email protected], or dropping into any of our Writing Center locations.

Appointments will be available either online or in-person during the following hours:

Monday:         9am to 11 am
Tuesday:         9am to 7pm
Wednesday:   9am to 7pm
Thursday:       9am to 7pm
Friday:            12pm to 2pm

What to expect in your first RIDES appointment

Be Proud.  English is a difficult language to learn and we think it’s fantastic that you took this extra step to develop your skills. First and most important, be proud of yourself.

Show Us How You Write.  Your consultant will ask you a question and you will write for a very short time in English. Letting your consultant see how you write will help them decide what you might need help on. At the end of the 10 weeks you will answer the same question and you will see how much your skills have improved.

Let’s Talk.  Spend the rest of the appointment talking to your consultant about what you want to be able to do as a writer. Is there something in particular that you struggle with, or a special way that you learn? These are important things to know about you. You can bring an assignment from your classes if you want to show an example but it is not required.

Do Your Homework.  Your consultant will give you something small to practice for the week. Try your best to make time to practice. Practice makes you better.

Don’t Give Up.  People learn in different ways. If there is a strategy that didn’t work well for you, let your consultant know. If there is something that takes more than one appointment to understand that’s ok. We are not here to judge you or grade you. We are here to help you become the writer that you want to be. Be patient. Do not give up on yourself.


We are so happy that you are joining us this semester, and we are excited to help you grow!

— The RIDES Team

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