Faculty Member Research Interests Department
Professor Andrew Holt Commercial real estate, accounting, small business Accounting
David V. Hill, Ph.D. My own areas of research include historic preservation and archaeology in urban environments. I am also interested in the use of technology for archaeological research. Anthropology
Lisa M. Abendroth Best practices in public interest design, community-centered design, social equity, issue-based design, critical evaluation of design outcomes, co-design and participatory practices, service learning practices with marginalized communities, design research and theory Art
Christopher Cooley Our research focuses on the ecology of the Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta bellii) at high elevation sites in Southwestern Colorado. Past work on Chrysemys has included investigating the effect of diet composition on body size, demography of high-altitude populations, and geographical variation in life-history traits Biology
Christy Carello, PhD Conservation of birds and habitat for birds Biology
Sheryl Zajdowicz, Ph.D. Pathogenic Microbiology; infectious disease; microbial physiology; microbial genetics; bacteriophage genetics; Antibiotic resistance and alternative therapeutics; molecular biology; vector-borne infectious disease Biology
Helene C. Ver Eecke, Ph.D. Microbiology research of the disciplines industrial microbiology, bioremediation, fermentation science, brewing research, environmental microbiology, extreme microbiology Biology
Dr. Andrew J. Bonham Our work focuses on the development of simple, convenient bio-sensor probes for the quantitative, rapid detection of proteins and other bio-molecules. These probes comprise a versatile new class of oligonucleotide-based “switches” that recognize proteins using native binding interactions. This approach simplifies the rational design of sensors directed to bind any target of interest and allows the sensors to have affinity and specificity on the order of natural binding interactions. This design has been put into practice with beacons directed against diverse human transcription factors, biological toxins, and other proteins. For all targets we find rapid (minutes), specific quantification of nanomolar concentrations, retaining selectivity even in media as complex as blood. These bio-sensors represent a convenient, versatile, and readily generalized approach to detect proteins and other bio-molecules that provides significant advantages over existing methods Chemistry
Dr. Emily Ragan My research focuses on how insects transport iron into their cells. Iron is an essential component of many proteins and involved in key processes for life. Learning more about iron uptake in insects may lead to novel pest control strategies and a better understanding of iron in other organisms, including humans! It is also a fun project for gaining biochemistry research experience. Chemistry
Dr. Samuel M. Jay Rhetoric, media studies, and sports Communication Arts and Sciences
Rebecca Trammell, Ph.D. Prison violence, prison culture, gender, and restorative justice Criminal Justice & Criminology
Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Ph.D. academic rhetorics, writing center studies, composition studies, citation studies, academic integrity, authorship studies English
Dr. Andrew J. Pantos language attitudes; sociophonetics; forensic linguistics; cognitive linguistics and semantics English
Lisa Suter, Ph.D. Women's rhetoric, oratory, and public speaking, rhetorical performance, academic writing, and the history of rhetoric English
Keah Schuenemann, PhD My research tests the hypothesis that weather patterns are changing with global warming by looking at large scale weather systems through time Environmental Science
Jason Janke, PhD Glaciers, permafrost, climate change, GIS and Andes Environmental Science
Sarah Schliemann Wetland restoration, alpine, bioegochemistry, water quality Environmental Science
Sara Jackson Schumate, PhD Environmental justice, sustainable development, infrastructure, and mining Geography
Jeff Helton, PhD Examining the financial feasibility of single payer health financing in Colorado. Operational efficiency in pre-hospital care of myocardial infarction Health Care Management
Dr. Shelby M. Balik Early American religion, colonial American history, family life History
Kim Klimek, PhD Medieval World, Women's History, focusing on the ideas of gender, connection and power. I also focus on the pedagogy and using graphic novels in the classroom History
Chef Jackson Lamb, MBA, CSC, CHE Researching food insecurity, food waste, food recovery and food redistribution. Food bank research. Hospitality
Cynthia Vannucci, Ph.D. Current research includes: Issues of Academic Integrity, Studying Abroad, and "Perpetuating Low Pay for Women." Hospitality
Christopher Jennings, PhD Meditation and Yoga to improve Student Performance, Usability Testing, Eye Tracking Technology, Brain Wave Activity with graphic interfaces and games, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Digitized Primary Sources Journalism and Media Production
Michelle Tollefson, M.D. Assistant Professor Stress management, stress reduction, lifestyle medicine, women's holistic health, integrative health care Integrative Health Care
Uwe Richard Kackstaetter, Ph.D. (“Dr. K”) Associate Professor of Geology Kimberlites and Diamonds; Hot Springs; Mineral Deposits; Precious Metals; Groundwater; Geologic Field Work; International Studies Land Use
Elizabeth McVicker, Ph.D., Associate Professor Current legal issues in the business world and issues surrounding water at the state, national and international level Management
Sally Baalbaki, PhD Branding, Brand Equity, Cross-Cultural Marketing, Retailing, Consumer Behavior Marketing
Elizabeth Ribble, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Statistics Statistics, biostatistics, biological statistics, bioinformatics. Mathematics and Computer Science
Mandi A. Schaeffer Fry Group theory and representation theory (which combines group theory and linear algebra); Recently, I've worked with undergrads on research projects close to my main research area, as well as on a project involving the role of abstract algebra in music theory Mathematics
Aaron Brown, Ph.D. Humanitarian engineering, appropriate technology, sustainable design, engineering for developing communities  Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mingli He, Ph.D., P.E. Mechanical engineering; mechanical design and analysis; heat transfer and thermodynamics analysis; fluid flow analysis; 3D modeling and addictive manufacturing  Mechanical Engineering Technology
Devi Kiran Kalla, Ph.D. Green product design; conventional and non-conventional machining of metals and composites; numerical modeling, monitoring, and optimization of advance manufacturing processes; environmentally conscious manufacturing; additive manufacturing/3D printing Mechanical Engineering Technology
Keah Schuenemann: Meteorology Professor I study how large scale weather patterns change with global warming. I also study communication techniques used to debunk climate change myths. Meteorology
Richard Wagner, Ph.D. Meteorology Meteorology
Alexis M. Newton, Ph.D., RN, CNS Rural Health, Health Disparities, and Injury Prevention. Nursing
Cynthia Gillette Dormer Online Counseling to Support Health Behaviors Nutrition
Adam J. Graves, Ph.D. Ethics, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion Philosophy
Grant Denn Astrophysics Physics
Pamela Ansburg, Ph.D. Creativity, problem solving and reasoning; cognitive aging; human factors in aviation and space flight; and promoting student interest in science, technology, and math. Psychology
Dr. Bethany Fleck (Dillen) Developmental Educational Research, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Civic Engagement Psychology
Cynthia Erickson Psychological and neurobiological influences on memory for visual images. How expertise influenced perception of hill steepness in skiers and snowboarders Psychology
Siva priya Santhanam, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Developing communication supports for children and adults on the autism spectrum; Addressing disparities in access to services for children on the autism spectrum from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds; Neurodiversity training for a variety of stakeholders who interact with adults on the autism spectrum Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences
Katherine Martinez, PhD Sibling violence, queer sexualities, identities, and politics Women's Studies