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Secure MSU Denver network required

This site can only be reached if you are connected to one of MSU Denver's secure networks. These include the wired campus network, the "MSU Denver" wireless network, and the GlobalProtect remote access service.

If you are an MSU Denver student, faculty, or staff attempting to access this site and cannot connect to a campus network, a GlobalProtect connection is required. If you do not already have access to GlobalProtect, you can request access via the GlobalProtect Access Request form. Please allow one business day for requests to process. Please also note access to GlobalProtect will require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) be enabled on your Office 365 account.

For more information on using GlobalProtect, please visit the Remote Access (GlobalProtect) knowledgebase page. For more information about MFA, please visit the Multi-Factor Authentication knowledgebase page.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact the MSU Denver IT Services Helpdesk by calling our 24-hour support line at 303-352-7548.

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