Thank you to the close to 19% of students that participated in the Fall 2020 Student Impact Survey. This report provides data to better understand the student experience during the pandemic.

Results of the survey were shared widely across campus and several changes, mentioned below, have or will be made to address concerns highlighted in the report.

The Fall 2020 Survey revealed on-going concerns students were having, some being:

  • 46% of students don’t feel like they have a comfortable study space.
  • 65% of students feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
  • 71% of students are somewhat concerned/very concerned for their mental health.

As a result, several departments across campus have increased promotion of on-campus study spaces for students that need them, continued to focus on mental health/wellness programming, and increased promotion of food bank resources, in hopes that greater awareness of public benefits will be utilized.

Various departments are also looking at ways to continue to streamline processes that will help students feel connected by making changes to their student meeting format to allow for time to check in on students mental health and also changing their referral process to establish a point of contact for students should any concerns arise.

Student’s voiced concern about not having up-to-date hardware to complete their classwork on time. As a result, CARES Act funding was identified to cover the cost of all outstanding requests to ITS for loaner laptops.

As students continue to balance several commitments on top of their schoolwork, the Classroom to Career Hub has started to connect with students directly in the classroom by rolling out several new initiatives to guide faculty as they support students. These efforts are intended to integrate career topics into the curriculum so students do not have to go out of their way to get career support.

To see the full results from the survey, Student Impact Report (Fall 2020).