Natalie Gramer, Recipient of the Provost's award and graduate honoree of the English Department for Fall 2023.“If I've come to know anything about MSU Denver, it's that the faculty truly facilitate a space where dreams become reality, especially when it comes to our English Department Professors who selflessly dedicate time, love, and passion to their students.

In pursuing my degree in English Writing, I've uncovered hidden talents because professors saw something in me and encouraged my growth. I've become confident, capable, and eager to share my stories, opinions, and creativity with the world which is something I never thought I could say. I used to write in secret, never sharing anything with anyone while hoping one day to build the confidence to seek publication. Now, I know I'll be a published author with the skillset and renewed determination the faculty of the English Department has gifted me.

I owe much of my newfound confidence to two professors, Dr. Jason Miller and Dr. Cynthia Kuhn. Both professors conveyed the importance of revision and workshop, but mostly that writing is not a solitary act. Writing is meant to be shared, edited, and discussed - I don't think I'll be able to move forward as a writer without seeking help of my peers or colleagues. I also know that because of their guidance and the phenomenal writing habits they've taught me, I'll be able to successfully complete projects which, again, is something I never thought I'd be able to do.

Dr. Miller furthered my interest in writing fiction but also opened me to a world of creative non-fiction, a genre I never considered but ended up wholeheartedly enjoying. I developed writing methods for character development, plot, setting, and dialogue that will serve me for the rest of my career. Dr. Miller constantly pushed me to find a balance in my writing but also to be raw - to let the world see me. His courses focused on workshopping stories but also on forming methods of effective writing, showing me anything can be interesting if it is written in an engaging way. Because of his classes, I'm not afraid to take risks or revise my work.

Dr. Kuhn helped me discover my infatuation with poetry. In her courses, she created environments for myself and others to express freely and discuss openly all while pushing us to and beyond our limits with new forms and material to show us we truly are capable of whatever we set our minds to. She also took the time to explain various forms of publication and how to go about submitting my work, ensuring that I had an upper hand in establishing myself as a professional and published author. I have never felt more seen, supported, or respected than in her classes - they truly were my favorite.

The English Department is faceted, engaging, and uplifting no matter what concentration you take on. I am better prepared and excited for my future because of my time at MSU Denver, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.”

Natalie Gramer, MSU Denver, '23, English B.A. & Aviation and Aerospace B.S.

Recipient of the Fall 2023 Provost's Award and Graduate Honoree of the English Department