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Sept. 6, 2017


Dear campus community,

With today’s disappointing news regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, I am writing to reaffirm our commitment to our DACA students and employees. Our legal team is analyzing the exact ramifications of Attorney General Sessions’ announcement and is assessing our legal options for the DACA community, and will be prepared to offer guidance and advice for those affected.

DACA students and employees are valuable contributors to our learning community and among the hardest workers we have on campus. They have come to MSU Denver to better their lives, families and communities; in short, to achieve the American dream. I intend to do everything in my power to ensure that they can continue to do so.  

We won’t know the full impact of this disappointing decision for some time, but we are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to keep you informed. We have and will continue to protect the confidentiality of the records of DACA students and employees, absent a court order. 

I can only imagine the fear and anxiety being experienced by our students, their families and all those impacted by this decision. We offer flexible hours in both our Office of Immigration Services and the Counseling Center.  

As a small measure of our support, the University has put together a donation page for our DACA students in the hopes of providing necessary financial assistance.

We will continue to work with local leaders as well as Congress and our academic partners such as the American Association for State Colleges and Universities and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to advocate and support our DACA students.   

We value our DACA students and employees and we stand with them. 



Janine Davidson, Ph.D.