A message from President Davidson


Nov. 4, 2020


Dear Roadrunner community,

As I’m sure many of you did, I watched the election coverage late into the night. It may be some time yet before we have an official announcement about our next president, but regardless of the outcome, I wanted to share a brief note of gratitude to all who exercised their right to vote. Despite the unique challenges of the pandemic, Roadrunners showed their commitment to our democratic ideals during a pivotal election.

I also wanted to reiterate the message that my Auraria Campus colleagues and I shared last week about your right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. We are at our best when we, as the students, faculty and staff at MSU Denver, engage respectfully across our beliefs and support ALL who may feel marginalized, threatened or unwelcome. In the days and weeks ahead, emotions are likely to run high as people express their views or otherwise exercise their rights to free speech in various ways and places. Throughout this uncertain time, we will work with our Auraria partners and city officials to ensure that our campus remains a safe place to work and learn. To keep our Roadrunner family informed, we will share any necessary information through RAVE text alerts, emails, social media and our website.

Finally, I want to acknowledge that there have been a lot of strong emotions around this election. Added to the turmoil of the past year, it’s understandable that you, or someone you care about, might be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Please know that MSU Denver is here to support you. Our students have access to the Counseling Center, which offers free and confidential mental-health assistance online, and our employees have access to free and confidential resources through the Colorado State Employee Assistance Program. Do take advantage of these resources to look out for one another and yourselves.

During times of uncertainty, I focus on values instead of fears as a way to center on what truly matters and to tap our collective inner resolve. MSU Denver’s core values of community, access, diversity, respect and excellence remain as essential as ever. Our country has been through trying times before, and I have no doubt that we will weather this multifaceted political, economic and pandemic storm as well. I look forward to working with all of you to support our students and the greater community – and to ensure that MSU Denver will always be a welcoming place for everyone.




Janine Davidson, Ph.D.