Nov. 16, 2022

Dear MSU Denver employees,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new University ombuds team to provide independent, confidential support for the Metropolitan State University of Denver community. The ombuds team offers impartial and informal problem-solving and dispute resolution resources in a virtual space where faculty, staff, administrators and student-employees can safely discuss conflicts or concerns without fear of reprisal or judgment.

The primary mission of the ombuds team is to provide an independent and confidential resource to resolve conflicts outside of formal University channels. All employees are encouraged to have direct conversations, leverage senior HR partners and reach out to the Equal Opportunity Office with discrimination concerns. The ombuds team is an additional avenue to facilitate and strengthen effective relationships between organizational departments and professionals to foster early and informal resolution of conflicts. This alternative channel of communication is voluntary, unbiased and aids employees in understanding University policies and procedures, developing suitable options and finding fair and equitable outcomes.

The value in virtual 

The virtual ombuds model provides more efficiency for the University and increases accessibility for our employees. Offering virtual services as opposed to operating from a physical location on campus also ensures a higher degree of privacy.

While services will be delivered remotely, the ombuds team embodies the University’s values — as well as its ethical, empathetic and engaged culture — and is committed to workplace wellness.

The ombuds team  

The University ombuds team will be managed by MWI, a nationally recognized dispute resolution firm, and will provide regular reports to the Office of the President on trends and patterns it sees in the course of its work. The University ombuds services are confidential and the team operates independently; that is, the team is not subject to oversight by the President’s Office or any other University office.

LaCrisia “Cris” Gilbert and Roy Baroff are serving as the University’s ombuds team, and their virtual offices are now open and operational. Employees seeking ombuds services are welcome to contact them directly through the below links.

Let’s welcome both Cris and Roy to our University community and thank them for serving in these vital positions! Thank you all for collaboratively and respectfully working to make our University community strong, successful and equitable.


Edward Brown
Chief of Staff

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