Brief Description

Approved By: MSU Denver President

Purpose: This statement delineates the principles underlying the student complaint policy and outlines the processes to be followed by students who have a complaint.

Scope: The Student Complaint Policy provides an opportunity for students to have complaints reviewed by the University in a timely and unbiased manner to determine if there is a way to resolve the issue. This policy covers any concern or situation that a student may wish to bring forth that is not otherwise covered by another University policy.

Student complaints, appeals, and grievances not within the scope of this policy include:

  1. Accident and Safety Incident Reporting
  2. Discrimination and Harassment Reporting
  3. Financial Aid SAP Appeal
  4. Grade Appeal
  5. Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Reporting
  6. Student Conduct Appeal
  7. Tuition and Fee Appeal

For information on this policy and other University policies for student issues or concerns, please visit the Complaints/Appeals section of the Dean of Students website.

Contact: Associate Dean for Student Engagement and Wellness, Dean of Students Office, 303-615-0220

Read the full policy statement, by clicking the following link:

Student Complaint Policy

Student Complaint Form