Brief Description

Approved By: MSU Denver President

Purpose: This policy specifies the individuals who are authorized to sign University contracts, as defined in this policy, and provides for the sub-delegation of such authority. The purpose of this policy is to minimize risk to the University and to minimize risk to employees of personal liability for unauthorized actions.

Scope: This policy applies to all documents that obligate the University, regardless of the title or designation of the document, such as “contracts,” “licenses,” “agreements,” “memoranda of understanding (MOU),” and “purchase orders,” which are all covered by this policy (see definition of “contract” in Section V “Definitions”). This policy applies to original contracts, as well as all amendments, addenda, modifications, corrections, changes, renewals, and extensions. For the purposes of this policy, “contract” does not include faculty contracts and appointment letters that are executed by the University Provost or employment contracts that are executed by the University President or by the Office of Human Resources.

Contact: Contracts and Business Services Manager, Office of Contracts and Business Services, 303-605-5265

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Signature Authority Policy