Brief Description

Approved By: MSU Denver Provost

Purpose: This policy defines the behaviors that constitute research misconduct and describes the University’s policies and procedures for investigating and responding to such allegations. The policies and procedures in this document adhere to federal requirements of the University’s research sponsors, as well as the University’s due process consideration.

Scope: This policy applies to all individuals at MSU Denver engaged in research projects including those governed by federal funding regulations, and to any person paid by, under control of, or affiliated with MSU Denver, including administrators, faculty, students, guest researchers, and collaborators. Cases of alleged research misconduct involving students are also subject to the normal disciplinary rules governing students, but will be reviewed, as appropriate, under the procedures described in this document. Student misconduct that falls outside of research is addressed in MSU Denver’s Student Code of Conduct.

Contact: Chief Academic Officer, Academic Affairs Office, 303-615-1900

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Research Misconduct Policy