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Here are just a few reasons to minor in Physics:

  1. A physics minor will give you deeper insight into other scientific majors like biology, chemistry, and earth sciences
  2. A physics minor will provide concrete examples and applications for a degree in mathematics
  3. A physics minor will supply a natural sciences background to journalists, writers, communicators, and historians
  4. Students planning on teaching secondary school may want a physics background



Benefits of Earning Your Degree at MSU Denver




Small class sizes taught by experienced professors who encourage individual interaction between students and faculty.

Learn from professional, diverse faculty with real-world experience.

Meaningful partnerships with Colorado-based aerospace, applied physics companies and national labs which offer multiple opportunities for internships and job placement.

We offer the best value for your education dollars.


Featured Faculty

Grant Denn

Professor Denn is a radio astronomer and is currently building a campus observatory.

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Plaza Building 262

Office Contact:

Mary Kay McCue

[email protected]