Our Q&A with Kyle

Can you tell us about your journey with music? Why did you decide to major in music?

“I’ve always loved music all my life and wanted to pursue that into my career. I was born hard of hearing and other disabilities, and that didn’t stop me from doing and enjoying what I love. I started singing when I was about 5 or 6 and really loved it. I was [in] choir throughout middle school and high school. I started playing guitar when I was 12, and I self-taught myself throughout the years. I wanted to be a performer at first, but that area was challenging, so I started to explore behind the scenes on what it’s like with an artist or group, how a show is made, how it’s [run], what does it take to be an artist manager, promoter and all those things. It really took my interest, and [I] wanted to take on that area a lot further. In the past few years, I made a stage name KYLEROCKSOUT and started to put together local shows with local artists and booked them at the Marquis Theatre, Summit Theatre and the Aggie. It makes me want to do those things more, and that’s what made me want to go to school to have those skills as a career in the music industry. I was supposed to start at DIME when MSU Denver was partnered with them before COVID and when the virus hit, things changed, and I ended up just attending MSU Denver as a regular student and started out by just majoring in music to get started.”

Favorite song/artist and why?

“I have a lot of favorite artists and songs, but my favorite band is “All Time Low,” and it’s so hard to choose a song because they’re all so good. I’ve seen that band live every time they rolled through Denver and been to almost every meet and greet. I would do anything for that band.”

Favorite thing about MSU Denver? What made you decide to apply here?

“I know I said before that I was supposed to go to DIME, so I was already applied to MSU Denver, but I’m glad I stuck with it in the long run because MSU Denver itself does have a lot of options academically. It also has diversity, and I think that’s a cool thing. I also like that the campus shares other schools because you get to meet a lot of people that way and I like talking to people.”

Being in the second semester of your freshman year at MSU Denver, what advice could you offer prospective students?

“My advice I would give is always be ready for change. You might know what you’re getting into for a major, but you might have to make adjustments, and that’s okay. There’s always something you’re into, but you can change your mind at any time. Also, be ready to work hard and have an open mind. College is a lot of work, and I think I owe some of my friends an apology because I wouldn’t believe them when they said they were busy all the time because it’s true. You also find out a lot about yourself as a person and find out what you really want, and that’s a good thing because I spent 10 years working in the workforce trying to find where to fit in, and it takes a while, but your heart leads you to the right place.”