Our Q&A with Jameer

Can you tell us about your journey at MSU Denver?

“[MSU Denver] has been my home since 2012; I have been in and out of school from part-time to full-time. I got deployed in 2017-2019; when I came back, I set myself up for success by re-enrolling in the IDP degree. MSU [Denver] has set me up for success because it gave me a home as a student and put me on a pathway to finally be successful during school… My journey has been one of those stories you read about in the paper. Being a full-time employee, father of three daughters, married, Navy Reserves, President of Student Veteran Affairs, doing funeral honors throughout the week, dealing with death and tragedies all while learning to navigate the successes in life.”

What advice do you have for students and graduates?

“My advice for current and future students is to stay the course. Everyone’s journey is different, and everyone wants something different from their education. More importantly, we all have different obstacles in our way. My advice is to learn to appreciate the journey and only compete with yourself. Challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself day in and out and love yourself while doing it.”

What is your favorite memory as a student?

“My favorite memory was meeting Professor Travers and President Janine Davidson. My best friend dragged me down to MSU [Denver], and it was crazy to understand our military service and network was actually so close. It just reconnected me with the understanding that everyone is here to help and grow the world to a new level.”

What are you most proud to have accomplished at MSU Denver?

“I am proud to be the first generational graduate in my immediate family; I am proud to be an African American student who has come this far and has now unlocked unlimited potential in my journey. I am proud to have taken the next step in my pursuit of law school. I am most proud to be standing here today [as] an MSU Denver graduate and to push on to those around me that you can do it.”