At MSU Denver we meet our students wherever they are at in their zig-zaggy life. Sometimes that’s right out of high school, and other times it is as their second, third, or even fourth attempt at college. Whatever the scenario, our hope is to support their academic journey every step of the way.

We strive to provide wrap-around support to all students throughout their time at MSU Denver. Our practice is equity-minded and access-driven, and we develop supports that will meet students where they are and support them from one transition moment to the next. Collaboration is the hallmark of our practice, and we seek to work closely with both campus and community partners to maximize efficiencies and leverage resources in the student support process.

The final result? Graduation!

Generous gifts from donors like you is what allows us to continue to support our students wherever they are at. From wrap-around services to scholarships to high-quality academic programs, we are sure we have an opportunity that you are passionate about.