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About the Finance Degree Programs

The Finance program prepares students for careers that concentrate on the process of managing the funds of individuals, businesses and governments. Career opportunities are available in the fields of managerial finance and the financial services industry.

The field of managerial finance (general finance concentration) deals with managing the financial affairs of businesses and governments and includes such activities as budgeting, financial forecasting, cash management, credit
administration, investment analysis and funds management.

Careers in the financial services industry (financial services concentration) include positions in banks, savings and loans, other financial institutions, brokerage firms, insurance companies and real estate. The most dramatic increase in career opportunities is in personal financial planning, where professionals are needed to provide advice to consumers on the management of their personal financial affairs.

By designing a carefully constructed program, students can meet the educational requirements of CFP® Board of Standards to sit for the national CFP® certification examination, a prerequisite to obtaining the Certified Financial Planner™ designation.