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The MSU Denver Web Content Management System (CMS) Project was an effort to better support and improve MSU Denver’s Web presence. Co-sponsored by University Communications and Marketing and Information Technology Services, the project team originally implemented a Web content management solution in September 2011 to support the creation, management, delivery and sharing of Web content across the University while promoting quality, consistency, accessibility, and security. These elements are regularly assessed to ensure the institution’s Web presence and CMS platform continues to provide high-quality user experience 

Currently the TerminalFour Site Manager, now at version 8, is the enterprise web content management solution for MSU Denver, however as of July 1, MSU Denver will begin to utilize the WordPress CMS platformUCM will provide Concerige Content Migration Services to support the process across MSU Denver. 

General Web Content Management System

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Customizations: Plugins, Widgets and Reporting Platforms

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