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EET Degree

The EET curriculum gives a solid foundation in sciences, mathematics, and electric circuits and devices. The theoretical knowledge base consists of two years of mathematical and engineering sciences. Professional skills consist of two years of analytical, experimental, and design methodologies. Design experience is computer integrated. Laboratory experience is an integral part of engineering technology education, so at least six laboratory-integrated courses are offered at the junior and senior levels.

Along with the EET Major, a minor and a certificate are available to interensted students. 


The most current degree requirements, minor requirements, and course descriptions are available in the current academic year's Catalog.

Type in the program abbreviation to find more information. For example, select a course you are interested in knowing more about: the description will include credit hours and any applicable prerequisites or co-requisites.

Program Advising

If you have questions, please contact an advisor

Tracey Parsa for CPE, EET, MET, and SSE

Vanessa McWhirt for CET, CPM, and EVE

or a faculty member


If you cannot enroll in a class you need, please contact an advisor or refer to the waitlist instructions on the Registrar’s pages.

Engineering vs Engineering Technology classes

Some of the Engineering Program (CPE/EVE/SSE) classes are stacked with courses from the Engineering Technology Programs (CET/EET/MET); this means that students will be doing a majority of the same work under either course listing but maybe required to do additional work as well. The Engineering Program class is not the same as the Engineering Technology Program class. 

EAET policy allows Engineering Program students, enrolled prior to Spring 2018, to take up to 8 credit hours or 2 classes from any of the Engineering Technology Programs and apply the credits to major work in an Engineering Program. Students wishing to change majors from an Engineering Technology Program to an Engineering Program will need to discuss how to apply previous course work with an Engineering Program Advisor.

If an Engineering Program student is unable to enroll in an Engineering Program designated class, please add yourself to the waitlist for the section and contact the Program Coordinator/Advisor. Do NOT enroll in a stacked section that is designated as an Engineering Technology Program class.

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