Good news for some students who have been on a waitlist for work-study funding: Metropolitan State University of Denver’s financial-aid team has identified additional funds that can be used to help prepare more students for careers through the state and federal employment program.  

Through the University’s monthly fiscal-reconciliation process, which measures and balances financial transactions and activity, fall 2023 work-study funds that were previously allocated but were not used will be reallocated to an estimated 230 eligible students on the waitlist for this spring. 

The development is a big win for students and delivers on the commitment made by the Financial Aid and Human Resources teams to continue seeking creative work-study solutions. 

Understanding the work-study process

“Work-study funding is a significant source of financial aid for many students. The University last semester identified several challenges related to reduced federal-funding levels, determining eligibility, department budgeting, award-balance tracking and technology integration. The Financial Aid and Human Resources teams have since worked diligently to simplify the process and create a more reliable and consistent experience for students and supervisors.

“Work-study jobs are valuable not just to a student’s present financial stability but also to their ability to persist to graduation and to bolster their professional futures,”
said Long Huynh, DBA, chief enrollment officer. “Since fall 2023 funding was exhausted, the University has used its regular reconciliation process to identify every unused dollar that we can return to the work-study pool. While the funds won’t cover everyone, we are thrilled to extend additional support to more than half of waitlisted students.”

Students will be eligible for the reallocated funding according to their order on the 400-person waitlist, with those who have been on longest given priority. Students who remain on the waitlist will be encouraged to apply for non-work-study campus jobs (more details in the FAQs below). 

“Students and supervisors should also be aware that work-study funding may not be sufficient to fund a student’s entire semester of employment,” added Kerline Eglaus, Ed.D., executive director of Financial Aid and Scholarships. “Departments that employ work-study-funded students will still have to be thoughtful and proactive with their student hourly budgeting.”


New spring work-study FAQs 

What is work-study funding?

Work-study is a state and federal employment program that provides paid jobs for students who need to earn a portion of their educational expenses. The program is a significant source of support for students and departments; however, funding is limited and is not guaranteed to all students.      

Current types of student employment   

  • Federal Work-Study   
  • Colorado Work-Study   
  • No-need Work-Study   
  • Student Hourly

Student working in a library.

How can eligible and selected students access the spring funds?

  • Students who meet the preestablished work-study requirements will receive an email from Financial Aid explaining their eligibility by Friday. 
  • The email will provide detailed information on how to remain eligible for work-study during the spring semester. 
  • The students who are not employed must find a job and complete the hiring process by March 1. 
  • Supervisors will receive an email with instructions to update their employee in Workday.  
  • If a student does not secure employment by the deadline, the funds will be made available to the next student on the waitlist. 

Will any support be made available to students who will not receive work-study funding this semester?

Waitlisted students who are not selected will still be contacted with more details, including resources on campus employment, grants and scholarships. 

Can students who do not receive work-study still get campus jobs?

Yes. Students are always encouraged to check Workday and apply for non-work-study roles, which will be identified as “student-hourly.” 

Will any spring work-study funds be allocated directly to departments?

No. Funds will be allocated directly to eligible students and will not be used to backfill department budgets.