March Arrivals 

Randal Boldt, executive director, Counseling Center 

Kristen Narona, advising specialist, TRIO Student Support Services 

Susanne Borchaloui, financial planning and analysis program manager, Social Work  

Erin Frank, adjunct, Alternative Licensure Program 

Excier Rodriguez, adjunct, Music 

William Perkins, adjunct, Music 

Nicole Leidel, adjunct, Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Joy Chocco, adjunct, Nursing 

Annie Walters, adjunct, Human Services and Counseling  

Dawn Jacob, adjunct, Philosophy 

March Departures 

Andy Putman, office administrator, Center for Teaching, Learning and Design  

Cristina Bejan, adjunct, Theatre and Dance 

Diana Ibarra, assistant director, Donor Relations  

Jennifer Zukowski, adjunct, Theatre and Dance  

Prashaanthi Alvarez, accessibility technical specialist, Access Center  

Adrian Eatman, assistant director, Student Publications 

Lia Ridley, adjunct, Theatre  

Lana Saeid, administrative coordinator, Innovative and Lifelong Learning