The Metropolitan State University of Denver Admissions team has done it again! The team’s recent Spring Open House official broke the previous semester’s attendance record, becoming the most successful recruitment event yet. The event included numerous breakout sessions, allowing students to explore MSU Denver’s academic programs, scholarship opportunities, campus life and student services.  

“This is the smoothest Open House event I’ve coordinated to date, which is a testament to the dedication of all staff and faculty across the University who come together and collaborate on this event,” said Alysha Rowzee, assistant director of Admissions Visits and Events. “A lot has changed since my first Open House in spring 2022, and I attribute a lot of the improvements to the feedback I receive from our collaborators.”


By the numbers:

  • Attendees: 588 (compared to 396 in fall 2023) 
  • Attendees (with guests): 1404 (compared to 915 in fall 2023) 
  • Registrants: 1174 (compared to 1,015 in fall 2023) 
  • Percentage attended: 50% (compared to 41% in fall 2023) 

Spring Open House attendees walking toward JSSB.Quotes from attendees: 

  • “See you in class! I’m a changemaker! Watch me grow!”  
  • “I appreciate the transfer department’s ability to find spaces for all my out of state transfer credits. It means the world!”  
  • “MSU [Denver] just moved to the top of the list.” 
  • “Can’t wait to be part of the MSU [Denver] family!!!” 
  • “I love the community; everyone is so welcoming.” 
  • “My older sister attends MSU Denver and she loves it. After the open house I feel the same way.”  
  • “The open house emphasized the importance of student diversity and individual attention. I feel that at MSU Denver, I will receive personalized education and acceptance.” 
  • “It is so accepting and in a beautiful location. It has what I’m looking for.” 
  • “They made everyone feel like they had opportunity of belonging.” 
  • “I’m going to meet like-minded people who want to study what I’m interested in, and I’ll have faculty I can connect with and who desire to support me on my journey!” 
  • “I do see an opportunity for me to belong at MSU Denver because after the open house, I learned about the opportunities at MSU (Denver) and I found myself liking the campus and the academics that are offered.” 
  • “It seems very diverse, and I think that’s an awesome opportunity to be somewhere with all kinds of different people.” 

A shoutout to hardworking staff and faculty members

“Everyone in our office makes Open House a priority and I can’t thank them enough for that,” Rowzee said, noting the contributions of Marlynn Rocha-Vasquez and Erin Ulrich, the guidance of Amy Moody as well as the work of the Admissions communications team of Jill Schmidt, Rene Haro-Sipes, Vanessa Rey, and Edwardo Gomez and all members of the larger Admissions team. 

Rowzee also gave a shout out to the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Scholarship Support and Retention, Orientation/Transition/Reengagement, ITS, Athletics and Immigrant Services for their critical support in executing these increasingly complex events.  

Student employees are also invaluable at the event to help with check-ins and campus tours. “They are the heartbeat of our department,” Rowzee said. 

If you participated in the Spring Open House, please complete this survey by Friday to share your feedback and ideas.