MSU Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver employees have free access to a robust catalog of online training courses and tutorials that can help you learn a new skill or build on an existing one. The LinkedIn Learning platform provides more than 16,000 courses covering a wide range of topics in business, technology and creativity that you can take at any time for personal or professional development. 

LinkedIn Learning provides training courses for a variety of software platforms, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative suites, as well as popular web platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. There is also a wide assortment of courses for learning to illustrate, 3D-model, make audio or video recordings and more. Or check out the plethora of business courses on management, marketing, strategy, analysis, human resources, project management, customer service and more. There are even courses to prepare you for professional certification exams, including Professional in Human Resources, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner and several Microsoft certifications. 

LinkedIn Learning is available through the Faculty and Staff Hub and can be accessed 24/7, even on mobile devices. It’s strongly recommended that you set up your profile to see what’s available, even if you can’t think of anything you want to learn. Sometimes, all it takes to get the desire to learn is to realize that you can!