The Curriculum, Academic Effectiveness and Policy Development Office is seeking faculty and staff participation in the new Curriculum Advisory Board, which aims to improve processes and procedures for establishing curriculum.  

The board will serve as a conduit connecting forward-thinking faculty and staff members to the curriculum-development process, with members offering invaluable insights and foresight in projects and initiatives that the curriculum staff can consider for implementation. 

“The curriculum process is a large one and can be complex to engage in for our faculty,” said organizer Erica Buckland Anderson, director of Curriculum and Catalog. Given their alreadytight time constraints, anything we can do to make the process easier for them or remove barriers is a plus.” 

Nominations for board members are open now in preparation to convene the group starting in August.  


Member requirements and benefits 

  • There are no formal requirements for members beyond an interest in curriculum and a willingness to actively engage with the work of the board.  
  • Those selected must actively participate by attending meetings regularly, completing pre-meeting preparation and participating in voting to gauge consensus.  
  • Members can also propose items for review, and compelling rationale may trigger a discovery process.  
  • Active members will receive a modest stipend at the conclusion of their one-year term. 


How members can make an impact 

“Given our shared-governance structure permeating our work at the University, together with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, this board will be uniquely positioned to give us a variety of perspectives on things that work well and things that need to be reviewed,” Anderson said.  

  • The board will critically evaluate and provide thoughtful feedback regarding barriers within curriculum policies and procedures. 
  • Members will partner with curriculum staff to innovate and assess potential alternatives to dismantle challenges. 


Support the initiative

If you or someone you know is interested in serving, consider learning more and submitting a nomination.